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Welcome to the ACORN Podcast Series

Our podcast series is a dedicated platform focusing on the challenges and opportunities facing young people in rural Europe. Each episode aims to:
Break Down Barriers: Understand what holds back rural youth from becoming active participants in their communities.
Spot Opportunities: Discover new ways for young people to engage and make a meaningful impact in rural areas.
Training and Empowerment: Hear about the latest programmes designed to equip rural youth with the skills they need.
Innovative Learning: Learn about non-formal and informal educational methods that are making a difference.

Why Listen?

The ACORN Podcast Series is more than just a listening experience; it's a call to action. Whether you're a young person in a rural setting, an educator, or a policy maker, our episodes offer valuable insights that can inspire change.

Featured Guests

We bring in experts, community leaders, and young change-makers to share their experiences and insights. Hear firsthand accounts of how rural youth are transforming their communities and how you can, too.

To Listen, get started with the links below…

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